Symptoms of the second month of pregnancy

Increase in blood volume and fall in blood pressure

During the second month of pregnancy, the mother-to-be is aware of her condition. For some women, these weeks are very uncomfortable because of the classic pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, tiredness, etc.

Changes in the mother

Segundo mes embarazo

During this month, all the symptoms that appeared at the beginning of the pregnancy will remain: nausea, vomiting, headaches, tiredness, and others.

Physical changes

The blood pressure is somewhat low and the blood volume in the body increases by 10%. This is particularly noticeable in the genital area, as the vulva and vagina become darker and bluer. There are also changes in the breasts, they become bigger, heavier and more tender. The areolae begin to darken too.

The uterus increases in size, which can produce discomfort and cramping, although changes are not yet noticed in the belly. However, you may notice that your abdomen is a bit larger, and your thighs could be slightly swollen.

In this month, heartburn, constipation and leg cramps may appear.


Pregnancy diagnosis

Nowadays, there are very early, reliable pregnancy tests you can take by yourself. You can find them in any pharmacy or your nearest health centre.

Changes in the child during the second month of pregnancy

Bebé segundo mes embarazo

In this period, vital organs and systems continue to form in the embryo. The heart and digestive system are taking shape.

The arms and legs grow in length, and fingers and toes appear. The nose, ears, eyelids and mouth are also discernible at this stage.

The urinary and genital systems develop, although the external genitals have not yet been differentiated, so the sex cannot yet be determined by looking at an ultrasound scan.



Dr. Miguel Ángel Herráiz
Head of the Gynaecology Service of Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid)